The Rubber Tournament: the perfect blend of sport, research and enterprise

We have always believed that the success of a business can also be seen through its ability to have a positive influence on the society and the territory in which it operates. This is why we feel it is essential, as well as exciting, to take part in the most important local initiatives, which aim to bring clear improvements to the daily lives of our fellow citizens and their families.

The “Rubber Tournament” is a valid example of how we can make a difference, following our hearts and showing willingness, and it also demonstrated how sport is an excellent driver of solidarity, sharing and sustainable development. We have been participating in the event as an official partner since the very beginning, and we will continue to do so, because both within and beyond our sector, our goal is to leave a tangible mark and build a positive future. 


What is the Rubber Tournament?

This tournament takes place at the Tennis Club in Viadanica (BG) and is organised by the Angelman non-profit association, a vitally important team that for years has been supporting research into the Angelman syndrome.

This is a rare genetic disorder that affects approximately one out of every 12,000-15,000 children, and that is characterised by severely delayed development and serious neurological damage. Its incidence is estimated, but is uncertain, as this disorder is particularly difficult to diagnose and equally complex to treat. Affected children are unable to communicate verbally, have particularly serious cognitive difficulties, and are subject to frequent bouts of epilepsy. 


For this reason, the Association aims to collect donations to support research and any projects considered valid and promising in giving hope to those suffering from Angelman syndrome and their families.

The “Rubber Tournament” is one of the most successful initiatives organised by the Association locally, and it has become a leading event for citizens, sports enthusiasts and anyone who loves taking part in charity events. As well as serving as a significant moment for raising awareness and providing information regarding the syndrome, it is also an opportunity to meet and socialise, and to enjoy a day of extremely productive solidarity.

The GB Group for long-term support for the territory

The GB Group has supported the “Rubber Tournament” from the very beginning and will continue to do so with the same belief that sport, research and local enterprises must draw inspiration from each other in a harmonious manner. 


The initiative is part of the GB Group’s constant commitment to promoting sustainable growth and lasting well-being for both our community and the ecosystem in which we operate. 


We are proud to support this essential cause, and we invite you to visit the website of the Angelman non-profit association; your contribution could help build a better future for so many children and their families.