An age-old passion: sustainability

The utmost respect for their territory has always been an added value in the activities of the companies operating in GB Group.

We are daily committed to transforming raw materials into finished products, respecting the environment and orienting production in an ecologically sustainable direction, with an attitude of responsibility towards the people involved, going beyond the demands of relative regulations and applicable laws for our sector and our companies.
We promote a policy for quality, for the safeguarding of worker safety and health and for the prevention of pollution, in order to critically and constructively analyse business results, with the aim of continuously improving economic, social and environmental performance.
GB Group is an organisation that is also interested in the benefits offered by renewable energy sources for full sustainability in terms of consumption and which, thanks to photovoltaic technology, can satisfy the energy requirements of its production plants.

Our customers are our value

We offer our customers a range of services that allow us to be seen as highly specialised partners.
Thanks to an excellent customer service department, we offer not only precise and punctual delivery, we also provide our clients with a technologically advanced structure and a qualified workforce on a daily basis.
We collaborate and offer professional advice for our customers during the engineering of new projects, applying our competence to the development of the most suitable technical solutions, and we are ready to manufacture and deliver products that respect the required quality, technical and commercial characteristics. GB is a dynamic Group also interested in new communication technologies, promoting advanced tools for improving the service.