Rubber lip gaskets for pistons

Lip gaskets are the best choice when the field of use involves the presence of moving parts. When a dynamic seal is required, these components guarantee excellent performance while limiting abrasion and other possible problems related to attrition and damage from friction.


They are an excellent choice for both low and extremely high pressures. With its consolidated experience in the sector, GB is the leading partner for the production of lip gaskets to be integrated into the widest range of industrial sectors: explore our catalogue and our production methods.

Types of lip gaskets for rotating shafts

Lip gaskets are circular and have a variable number of sealing lips along their external and internal diameter. Different areas of application may require either gaskets with a single lip, or gaskets with a double lip.


GB products include lip gaskets. Our technical department can assist you in planning your dynamic systems, designing made-to-measure and personalised lip gaskets according to your actual applicative needs.

The most suitable materials for lip gaskets

We use latest-generation elastomers and thermoplastic materials in our production processes, and the available range allows us to choose, in each case, the compound best suited to the operative conditions under which the item will be installed. The aspects to bear in mind include:

  • operating temperature.
  • length of travel.
  • the pressures to which the gasket will be subject.
  • the type of fluid to be contained (oil, grease, solvent, acid, alkaline, etc.).
  • the elasticity required of the component.
  • the desired resistance to abrasion and attrition.
  • the level of ease of movement.


In order to guarantee the functionality and duration of the lip gasket, it is also important to achieve the right level of hardness of the elastomer used. A lower hardness provides better tightness with low or extremely low pressures, but as the latter increases, attrition increases proportionally. On the other hand, a harder compound limits the problem of attrition, but loses performance at lower pressures.


By designing your lip gaskets to measure, with the team of GB technicians, you will be able to choose custom materials and designs that optimise the durability as well as the chemical and mechanical resistance of the components, adapting them to your field of application.

Production of lip gaskets for pistons

It is possible to obtain lip gaskets with two different methods, both offered by the GB production departments.

  • The first, which is more economical, provides for the direct moulding of gaskets.
  • The second method consists in the moulding of gaskets with a larger lip, followed by the splicing or cutting of unrequired excess. This method guarantees improved tightness, as cutting creates a sharp edge that is resistant even in the case of highly dynamic systems (such as pneumatic or hydraulic systems).

The GB method; why work with us?

Our goal is to offer clients complete services, which render us reliable partners in all phases of design, prototyping, production and refining of components.


Our flexibility in production is the result of a combination of a highly technological machine inventory and a technical team that is able to accompany the client through every step of the process. As well as verifying the conformity of each raw material on reception, we test all our finished products with a technologically avant-garde laboratory.


Furthermore, collaboration with specialised external partners has extended our possibilities in terms of Research and Development, allowing us to develop new materials for moulding that offer elevated performance, highly personalised to the requirements of the end client and in line with the most recent regulations in terms of safety and quality.

The GB commitment also involves a responsible approach to production, in accordance with principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability. A strength of the GB brand is the attention to the well-being of the team, our low impact on the territory, the search for efficient production solutions and the use of renewable energy to serve the demands of our plants.

Do you want to find out how we can work together to maximise your performance? Contact our technicians, to find out how to make lip gaskets that are perfectly in line with your production needs.