Neoprene gaskets: products and applications

Nowadays, neoprene gaskets are an essential product for a wide range of industrial applications. Appreciated for its excellent resistance to chemicals, its mechanical properties and its excellent sealing capacity, neoprene is one of the materials that we use for the production of GB S.r.l. gaskets to design, our core activity since 1976. 


Let’s look in detail at the distinctive characteristics of neoprene, the various uses for this material, and the range of GB products in which it features.


What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a special synthetic rubber, whose proper name is polychloroprene. The term “neoprene” was coined in reality by the company that invented this material in the Thirties, DuPont Performance Elastomers, and in particular by its scientists Arnold Collins and Wallace Carothers.

Neoprene is produced through the polymerisation of a monomer known as chloroprene, resulting in a porous synthetic rubber belonging to the family of synthetic elastomers. It was the first synthetic rubber to be introduced to the market, produced on a large scale and appreciated for its special chemical, physical and mechanical characteristics. 


The characteristics of neoprene

What properties make neoprene one of the most utilised raw materials in a wide range of industries?

  • Above all, its considerable chemical resistance. Neoprene, in fact, is resistant to an extensive range of chemical agents, including certain aggressive types, including oils and greases, solvents and low concentrations of acid. It also resists prolonged exposure to sea water without suffering significant damage.

  • Its mechanical characteristics and its resistance to breakage also render it popular, meaning that it can be used in industrial activities that involved repeated cycles of stress.

  • Neoprene also offers excellent thermal insulation, which renders it ideal for applications in which it is essential to prevent heat loss or maintain a constant temperature. Furthermore, the characteristics of this synthetic rubber remain stable from approximately -40°C to +120°C; it remains flexible even at low temperatures, and manages to perform without evident ageing even if left for long periods at temperatures of just below 100°C.

  • It is also particularly resistant to the elements. Neoprene can withstand adverse weather conditions, ozone and UV radiation, rendering it a popular choice for outdoor applications.

  • It also offers impeccable hermetic sealing against water, a characteristic that renders it extremely popular in the production of gaskets designed to stop liquid and gas leaks.

    Applications: neoprene gaskets

Neoprene is a particularly excellent material and is used in a wide range of industrial sectors, such as automotive, electronics, construction, boating and chemicals. To obtain made-to-measure gaskets, neoprene is processed through either compression or injection moulding, or waterjet cutting.

This means that it is possible to obtain gaskets of various shape, thickness and size, perfectly in line with the specific requests of the client and the requirements of the final application. The GB S.r.l. catalogue includes flat, ring, lip and U-shaped gaskets in neoprene, as well as many other variants. 


The main sectors of application for our products include: 

  • The automotive industry, for which we make gaskets for engines and gearboxes that prevent the leaking of gases and/or liquids.
  • The electronic industry, and the manufacturing of products that protect systems from dust, humidity and dirt. 
  • The construction industry, and the creation of gaskets for various types of door and window, as well as other applications in the sector. 
  • The food production industry, for which we design and mould gaskets for environments that require excellent chemical resistance and the utmost hygiene. 
  • The naval sector, and the production of gaskets that are resistant to salt water and marine conditions, as well as the creation of protective coverings and clothing, such as wetsuits. 
  • All other industries that require equipment that is able to guarantee a tight seal and/or prevent contamination.

GB S.r.l. neoprene gaskets

GB S.r.l. was founded in the vibrant Bergamo rubber District, over just a few decades developing from a small local business to become an international leader in the production of custom items in elastomers and thermoplastic materials.

Our success is also thanks to a team of technicians constantly focused on the Research and Development of new solutions, as well as a network of partners and qualified external laboratories. GB’s production department is equipped with machinery offering advanced performance; our presses (both horizontal and vertical) can handle injection, compression or injection-compression moulding, with a closing strength of up to 650 tons.

This means that we can produce articles of all sizes, from 500 to 1200 mm in diameter, with complex shapes and in line with the drawings supplied by the client. Neoprene gaskets are one of the most highly requested products on our production lines and provide a versatile and highly customisable choice that favours performance, reliability and durability of any installation in which they are used.


Contact us to discover how we can work together to create personalised neoprene gaskets according to your demands!