The Annual GB Group Convention; renewal and sustainability

Around a month ago, an important event took place in the GB Group; the convention to present the new image and new sustainable goals to the employees of the three Group companies. Our employees, our grand company family, are an asset that we can be proud of.   Christmas was an opportunity to hold an event that we had been planning; a celebration of the end of a period in history, and the beginning of a new phase for the GB Group. The aim was to involve the people who work every day with and for the company, the most important protagonists, in the changes under way, the new projects and the important objectives that we have set ourselves for the future.   The event was an opportunity for everyone to come together, to share and to have fun, as well as to reflect on and experience the emotion of what we are building together. These are some of the subjects that we discussed and that form part of the changes taking place in the company strategy.

Sustainability; a better future for the new generations

Over almost 50 years of activity, GB Group has witnessed the world evolving. So much has changed since our plant opened; today, in the words of Carlo Marchini, one of the directors, “The world is calling on us to change”. We are willing and ready to act.   Sustainable change is what is “driving the future”, and GB Group has every intention of playing a part. One step in this direction is the new UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Certification process, which is currently under way.   Similarly, we are investing in infrastructure, machinery, analysis and market research, to further support the transition towards sustainability. However, this new environmental drive is not the only source of change.

A new company image, and new shared goals

We are convinced that every well-written story deserves to be told well. Over the years, our logos – for GB, GBS and GBL – have done an excellent job.   However, we felt that the internal and external renewal that we have decided to implement in the company deserved to be accompanied by new images. The event was the ideal moment to present and discuss the new company logos that will represent the Group in this new phase.   A new image that not only announces to everyone that the GB Group is present, but that it is moving towards the future in a strong and decisive manner. Together with GBS and GBL.

A family story; changing together

GB is the founder, but now the Group is made up of three coordinated companies that achieve their goals together. This is why, during the event, the directors Gennaro Bonatti, Cristina Bonatti and Giuseppe Bonatti made their contribution. The GBS and GBL logos have also been redesigned from scratch. It was an obvious move; evolution is possible only by moving as one and facing change together.   In GB Group, together with our employees, this is exactly what we will do.   Here is a selection of images and videos from the event; moments of laughter, fun and emotion. Here’s to a year full of challenges and growth, and of blank pages ready to be written with everyone’s help.