New preheating oven: what is it and what advantages does it offer? | GB Group

Investing in flexibility in production is our strategy for constantly offering GB Group clients targeted and efficient solutions. We constantly improve the industrialisation of our processes and efficiently optimise every stage of production, but we are also dedicated to renewing our machine inventory, ensuring that it always maintains characteristic elevated standards of technology.

Our most recent investments include the new ALGES preheating oven, which is perfectly in line with the constant improving of our production capacity. In this case, the upgrade is aimed in particular at a reduction in production times, without compromising the quality and precision of our processes.

How does the new addition to the world of the GB Group work?


The advantages of the new preheating oven 

Our new preheating oven is an integral part of our strategic approach to improving productivity and reducing preheating time for our moulds. Designed to be precise, reliable and versatile, the ALGES oven has been installed in our departments in order to increase efficiency in terms of the duration, quality and safety of mould preheating processes, a crucial phase of production.


Its main benefits?


Efficient mould capacity
One fundamental characteristic of our new oven is its capacity for up to 5 moulds at the same time, before they are fitted onto the press. Designed with a view to flexibility in production, the oven can house moulds of varying form and dimension, allowing effective preheating whatever the project commissioned.


Preheating and a reduction in wait time

The oven can quickly preheat up to a temperature of 200°C, allowing a considerable reduction in wait time at the start of production. This means that we can satisfy the specific requirements of our clients in record time, without ever compromising the quality of our work. 


Our preheating oven is also equipped with a highly advanced temperature control system. An electronic thermostat manages the processes and is able to rapidly stabilise the temperature inside the oven chambers whenever necessary. Furthermore, special air circulation fans ensure that the heat is always optimally distributed. 


This uniformity in heating allows for homogeneously and accurately processed moulds, a factor that is essential in ensuring that the final products are strong and of impeccable quality.


A focus on safety 

Our new preheating oven has been built with a sturdy structure, made with top-quality metalworking and effective insulation systems. As well as being durable, it also guarantees the utmost safety of our operators, an essential aspect in terms of responsible operations and proper protection for those working for GB Group.

The machinery that we use, including the ALGES oven, is equipped with alarms, temperature sensors, monitoring systems and automatic shut-down devices in the event of anomalies. Furthermore, advanced recording systems can gather the most important operational data for the machine, allowing technicians to analyse the performance of the oven, detecting any malfunctions in advance.

The avant-garde machinery automatically reports the main problems it encounters, allowing predictive maintenance works and a reduction to a minimum of downtime. A further tactic to guarantee our clients constant operations and a satisfactory production speed.


Functional integration into the production chain
The new preheating oven is also integrated into our production chain and perfectly synchronised with the other components in our processes. This ensures uninterrupted workflows and an increase in the overall efficiency of our activities.


With these advanced functions, the new oven plays a leading role in our production strategy, and contributes to reaching our, and your, business goals.

GB Group, an evolving tradition

The brand-new addition to our production department is therefore a valid example of our constant commitment to clients. Our aim is to rapidly provide you with high-quality products, and we cannot wait to see how this innovation will improve production and also provide significant and tangible advantages to you. This further boost to production and delivery speed will, in any case, leave the quality of our gaskets unaltered.

Since 1976, our aim has been to build a relationship with you based on trust, and to render our rubber gaskets made to design an essential factor for your success. As well as technological innovation, progress towards our goals is also driven by the competence of our staff and our quality certification (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949).


Our ongoing challenge is to remain ready to face the evolutions of the market, in order to become your truly reliable partner for every new design challenge


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