CRIBIS certification; maximum financial reliability for GB

We are delighted to inform all our clients, suppliers and stakeholders that our company, GB, has obtained CRIBIS Prime Company Certification, the highest commercial reliability certification granted by CRIBIS.   CRIBIS Prime Company certifies the reliability of the company in commercial relations and its financial solidity, based on a composite set of indicators aimed at verifying the probability of the company generating serious commercial debts. The assessment sees the examination of variables such as the financial statements, the age of the company, its size, the presence of negative credit reports and other elements that are crucial for defining a reliable financial profile.   At GB, we are proud of every milestone and form of recognition, and even more so in this case; only 4% of Italian companies have Prime Company certification.

What is CRIBIS

CRIBIS, the certification organisation, is part of the CRIF Group, specialised in credit information systems, which has been providing companies, private citizens, financial institutes, insurance companies and global companies with solutions for financial health and risk prevention since 1988.   CRIF is also renowned for its authorised credit-rating agency CRIF Ratings, which offers information on the financial reliability of non-financial companies throughout the EU.

Reliable since the beginning

The CRIBIS certification demonstrates not only our financial reliability, but also our decades-long commitment to maintaining proper commercial relations with all our stakeholders. CRIBIS has not changed the way we operate; it recognises what we have always done.   We are taking this opportunity to thank all our clients and suppliers who have put their trust in us over the years. We have been able to reach this milestone thanks to the trust you have shown.