Moving together towards shared sustainable goals; the company convention

The Annual GB Group Convention; renewal and sustainability Around a month ago, an important event took place in the GB Group; the convention to present the new image and new sustainable goals to the employees of the three Group companies. Our employees, our grand company family, are an asset that we can be proud of. […]


Many small steps have made us grow during our 46 years of life. Skills, renewed machinery, and a new company layout keep us in step with times. In this continuous renewal we have also thought about our image, and we have taken a small step in this area too. We are pleased to present you […]


With a view to continuous improvement, the latest refurbished press has been installed!

Automatic sorting machine

A new automatic sorting machine specifically designed for a project shared with a specific customer went into operation. The equipment is specifically dedicated to the control of the internal and external surfaces of the parts with an optimized vision resolution for the detection of micro defects.


The company is always open to meeting with representatives of local communities. We recently had a visit from the priest of our community who blessed all the operators present on the occasion.

New washing system for molds

We have installed a new ultrasonic cleaning system to optimize the cleaning of the molds in significantly reduced times.

CRIBIS D&B Rating 1 certification for GB SRL – 02/02/2022

Also for this year we are proud to announce that CRIBIS D&B, a company specialized in providing business information on Italian and foreign companies, has assigned to us the CRIBIS D&B Rating 1, giving us the maximum level of reliability as a counterparty to a B2B commercial transaction. Rating 1 indicates the highest level of […]

The Road to Innovation

Investments for the expansion and updating of the machine park are continuing. We present the first entry of 2022, an IMG 300 Tons press.